The Comprehensive Telematics Management Platform

  • Track and Trace

    View live and historic telematics data, including live vehicle location, live incident notifications, route replay, incident and utilisation aggregation, as well as live telematics unit status.

  • Fleet Management

    Create records of each vehicle/asset and driver in your fleet. Log vehicle details such as license information (including document scans), vehicle make, type and model, license expiry date, service intervals, and more. Proactively maintain the fleet by receiving and responding to early notifications and warnings regarding upcoming events, for instance, maintenance services and license renewals.

  • Route Scheduling

    Manage points of interest and routes, schedule sequential destinations or way points, and monitor compliance to the scheduled legs.

  • ERP Solutions and Integration

    Capture operational data directly from source, including task information and task documentation, procurement information and incident logs. Automate the information flow into back-office administrative and other processes, either by using Fleetcontrol’s built-in ERP functionality, or by integrating with ERP systems already in place.

Google Cloud Platform

Fleetcontrol represents state of the art technology and is securely hosted and managed on Google Cloud Platform with all the benefits this service offers, including data integrity and backup of data, as well as remote access from any location. Please contact us for more information, or to request a demonstration.

A next generation integrated telematics management platform.

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