A next generation integrated telematics management platform

Enabling fleet owners to ensure their fleets do exactly what they want them to do.

integrated telematics management platform


is a next-generation integrated telematics management platform that is hardware agnostic and offered to Telematics vendors as an alternative platform.

The FleetControl Platform offers all the functionality that any user, from the discerning individual to the demanding logistics and road transport/mobility industry may require.

A tracking and telematics component

A tracking and telematics component which allows for monitoring and management of vehicles and assets  while on the road. It offers optimal use of telemetry  data, including real-time monitoring of vehicle  location, together with telemetry exceptions, historic  data replay, as well as effective aggregation of  telemetry data. 

Comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP functionality to integrate and automate the core business of the transport/mobility service provider.


To enable fleet owners to operate as efficiently and risk averse as possible and so sustainably maximise their bottom line.


Minimising human error in the process and having the system do as much of the legwork as possible.


We do this by linking telematics systems with the traditional Dispatching and TMS or ERP functionality as well as any risk management process.

integrated telematics management platform

Fleetcontrol is based upon the latest, leading edge technology.

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A next generation integrated telematics management platform.

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