Fleetcontrol is based upon the latest, leading edge technology.

Fleetcontrol telematics management platform is built on cutting edge, cloud-based technology with access to state of the art functionality from Routing algorithms to Data Storage optimisation. Being cloud-based offers a number of key benefits, including the following

Fleetcontrol puts fleet owners in charge of their business.

Fleetcontrol’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality allows you to integrate and automate your transport operation’s core business – from the day-to-day operations that take place, to the back-office administrative processes.

Fleetcontrol draws from a central database that collects input in real time from the operational side of the business (tracking and telematics activities, amongst others). From this it provides visibility, analytics and business intelligence at a glance across all aspects of the business without users having to dig for the required data. This allows for improved overall business performance management and efficiency, as well as cost savings and enhanced financial achievement.

Affordable, with straightforward usage agreements.

Fleetcontrol is affordable and offered to the market on a pay-per-usage basis, with users not locked in to rental or fixed-term contracts. Costs, furthermore, are calculated via an easy formula based upon the use of the software per vehicle per month.

Fleetcontrol software is cloud-based which eliminates software installation costs, the costs for additional hardware or server maintenance, or annual licencing fees and upgrade expenses. It, furthermore, offers unhindered access to the platform from any location.

yet easy to use.

Despite Fleetcontrol’s extensive functionality, it is easy to use and provides for a rewarding user experience. It offers a single-entry and user-friendly interface from where users can view and manage their transport operation, and from where they are notified of operational errors and variances.

Information already in the system is unified and shared seamlessly across the full host of Fleetcontrol’s functions. Being readily available without first having to replicate or import such information before a specific function can be used, means that users save time and are able to focus on the operation being monitored, instead of having to manage the software.

Fleetcontrol’s one-click functionality allows for fast and intuitive user response and ensures the required information is available immediately. Furthermore, exception reporting with flags that remain visible until the exception had been addressed, helps to maintain the operator’s focus on matters that require immediate attention.

Overall, Fleetcontrol allows for a satisfying human experience which allows operators to stay focussed on what is important, and to alleviate the stress which is often a part of transport control room operations.

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A next generation integrated telematics management platform.

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